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‘Health is wealth’ is no more than a saying if it is not practiced. That is why we organized the 5km health walk on Saturday, 20th of June to drive home this important but forgotten point.

With about 300 people turning out for the walk, including staff of First City Monument Bank (FCMB) and Nollywood star actress, Kate Henshaw – a well-known advocate for fitness and healthy living, our health walk was off to a good start.

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“Allergic reactions can result in minor to severe symptoms.”

Allergies occur when our bodies have a negative response to certain substances such as food, medicines, animals, pollen or even skin care etc.

The body immune system is built to help counteract alien substances that are harmful to the body. However, allergies occur when the immune system mistakes a harmless product (allergens) as being harmful to the system, thus, producing antibodies to help protect the body which leads to allergic reactions. Reactions can range from minor to severe with symptoms such as Running nose, Sneezing, Coughing, Hives, Nausea, Indigestion, Headaches and in severe cases, Asthma and Anaphylaxis.


“Avoidance of allergens is the primary treatment for Allergies.”

Common food allergens include Nuts, Fish, Milk, Egg, Wheat, Sesame, Soy and Corn etc. Diagnosing food allergies may be a bit difficult as symptoms vary from person to person and an individual may experience different symptoms at different times. It is always advised not to self-diagnose but to see a food allergist for proper diagnosis. However, one of the primary treatment of allergies usually involves avoidance of allergens.


“Little drops of water, Little grains of sand, Make the mighty ocean…”

The newly introduced Bubez Sales Ambassador program provides an opportunity to make extra cash without extra load.

We handle the hard work from production to stocking to delivery and all the sales ambassador does, is ensure the sale and in turn, gets a commission for it.

The Bubez Sales Ambassador programme also allows interested vendors across Nigeria, with storage or capital challenges, sell and earn a profit without having to stock the products or invest a capital.

Basically, the program provides an opportunity for you to earn more and do less…

So the question really becomes how does it work?


Create a profile (Click Here) on the Sales Ambassador portal.

This profile will be allocated a unique code & log in details which would serve as the Sales Account.

To make sales and enjoy the benefits of being a Bubez Sales Ambassador, purchases MUST be made on the Bubez Foods website (www.bubezfoods.com) using the unique sales ambassador code at checkout.

All normal online order procedure applies i.e. Shop under the Food Court menu – Go to check out and pay for products.

However, the customer MUST remember to enter the unique Sales Ambassador’s code for benefits to apply.

The Sales Ambassador may choose to pass this code over to the customer to make their own purchase or in a proactive way of ensuring the purchase, they could get the delivery information and place the order on behalf of the customer.

NOTE: We do not advise taking a customer’s Bank Card details, instead get them to pay you and use your own card for purchase.


The Bubez Sales Ambassador would get their sales commission every 2 weeks.

10% commission for sales up to N50,000

15% commission for sales over N50,000

An extra 5% commission on monthly sales up to and over N100,000.

Customers using your unique code for purchase also enjoy an additional  3% discount on product purchase…


The signing up process is easy. All you have to do is click here to go to the Bubez Sales Ambassador tab.

Create an account by entering a few details and within 24hrs, your unique code would be emailed to you

(Please check Spam and Gmail Promotion tab).

Viola! You are all set up…

Ambassadors can also use their created log in details to track their progress via their Ambassador Dashboard at any time.


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The recent awareness of maize sensitivity to Aflatoxins has sent a wave of scare amongst the public.

Interestingly, according to the Department of Agricultural and Life Science, Cornell University, Aflatoxins are one of the most intensively researched mycotoxins in the world and was first established in 1960. However, like with most toxins and diseases, there are precautionary measures that can be employed to protect meals and people from  its effects.


Diabetes is gradually becoming another silent world epidemic with the death toll from this disease gradually increasing over the years. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), in 2012, about 1.5 million deaths around the world was attributed to diabetes and by 2030, it is predicted to be the 7th leading cause of death. This staggering numbers make it an international health issue, hence the theme of 2016 World Health Day – ‘HALT THE RISE, BEAT DIABETES’.

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Some people approach carbohydrates, shortly referred to as carbs, like they are crab monsters with claws ready to sting at the slightest opportunity and even the meat from crabs have incredible health benefits.

The general myth says that the very existence of carbs poses serious problems to anyone trying to lose or keep their weight in check. Overtime, dietitians’ advice of ‘low-carbs’ have gradually been interchanged to mean no carbs, with more people going on the now famous ‘No-Carbs Diet’. The major problem with this is whether they may or may not succeed in their weight loss plan, they are in no way healthier by their choice of diet.

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The idea of superstores as a one-stop shop for food and household items has gradually made them increasingly popular in the Nigerian culture. With more people, especially those in urban cities, embracing the ease and effectiveness these superstores accord, the days where buying fresh products (fruits, vegetables, meat, pap, fish etc) from a supermarket seemed like a forbidden thought, are somewhat behind us.

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