“A satisfied customer is one who will continue to buy from you, seldom shop around, refer other customers and in general be a superstar advocate for your business”

~ Gregory Ciotti

1Thelma Tony (FaceBook): I am an addict of the strawberry flavour. It's so smooth and different ...Will try out the vanilla soon ...
2Asari Otu (FaceBook): Bubez strawberry flavoured pap is pure heaven
3Olawunmi Jimoh (FaceBook): Got from CCD today and its sooooo nice
4Hussainah Akoshile (FaceBook): I can testify to it... Got a plate from Sahad stores stand in Abuja...Very nice I must commend.
5Hamra Malgwi: My kids love this. Got it from Sahad in Abuja. The strawberry flavour is nice. Wish u could work on more fruity flavours like banana or so
6Uch Komsy(FaceBook): I bought the vanilla flavoured and I loved it
7@Adebolat (Instagram): Stumbled onto this page and my 1st thought was I'm sure this is based in Lagos. Pleasantly surprised you are based in Abuja! Will be patronizing you ASAP!
8@taiyeo (Instagram) : @bubezfoods  my baby loves the strawberry flavoured one.
9@proxybee (Instagram) : Omg! this pap is golden, it is going to be famous, I started licking it even before making it just because of the strawberry flavor.... You all should taste bubezzzzzz irresistible yum
10Ada Opara (Instagram) : My friend’s daughter who is picky eater sat through the Strawberry Bubez Pap. No fuss, and mark you it was her first time eating akamu
11@lepaciousbose (Instagram): The ginger flavoured pap is absolutely bliss… I am proud of you and what you do. Imagine all variety of pap; strawberry, ginger etc. God bless you
12@gbi247 (Instagram) : It's always great seeing companies innovating across the country. One of such companies I came across recently is @bubezpap and they're doing great stuff. Heard about the product first on @nkataaonline. Both companies are inspiring. They're doing stuff others do, but a whole lot better, with attention to detail and quality. That's what it takes to build a great company.
13@opyfasco (Instagram): Try it, really nice. Mine kids love d strawberry flavour.
14@opratedesign (Instagram) : I bought your pap (strawberry flavour) few days ago and mehn! It was awesome… And this evening I prepared it for my folks, they all enjoyed it, especially my nephew…
15@namar06 (Instagram) : Got mine from Next yesterday. @bubezpap the packaging is excellent, that’s what attracted me first. Then it actually tastes as if I made it at home. I got the yellow corn which has gone almost extinct.
16@bayla_malka (Instagram) : I ended up ordering from Nkataa. Thanks for the great customer service. My daughter loves the one with Soybeans. I ran out and Lord knows I’m not letting that happen again. She kept saying “pap”. The good thing is she enjoys it without honey or sugar. She likes it plain. Thanks once again.
17@yasleentours (Instagram) : I got a sample of your pap reluctantly at StartRight funfare. I haven’t regretted it since then. I ordered and you guys delivered to my house, I was thrilled. The Strawberry flavour is delicious.
18@naijacheapskate (Instagram) : You know I was just thinking to myself that my expenses on baby food will be way cheaper this time compared to my first baby where I was buying foreign cereals and co. This time I’ve got different variants of Bubez pap with nutrients my baby needs e.g. Gnut variant. Thank you Bubez for meeting a need. I will puree my fruits myself thanks to tips from @makyscorner @makybenson. Ain’t nobody got time to throw money away lol.
19DM: Ever since I weaned my son from exclusive breastfeeding, I tried so many cereals but it didn’t just go down well with him. A friend told me about Bubez Pap, I tried it and it’s been amazing! He takes it for breakfast and dinner and he so much loves it! He’s so healthy and strong that people keep asking me what I feed him with. He loves the soybeans and groundnut flavour. Thanks Bubez Pap! Keep going places.
20@adebolat (Instagram) : I'm team  #plainyellowpap  all day, every day. Ordered 4 bowls today and less than 15mins later, your delivery guy arrived. Keep up the good work!
21DM: We need pap in phc ooo! My 7 month old baby won’t take any other pap but the strawberry, groundnut pap and they are sold out at the stores here…help a desperate mother ooooo!!!
22Kennypearl24 (Instagram) : Hello… Network will not let me post my bubezpap ooooo. I took my Millet and Ginger variant of your ogi with beans last night after breaking my fast and all I can say is hmmmm yummy. Would be restocking more soon. Your Ogi is simply the best. Thanks
23@prettykadar (Instagram) : I said I would go and buy my own @bubezpap cos I don't like to carry last. So off to Grand square I went today. It took all of my self will not to buy all the flavours! Who knew akamu could be so swag? Had a bowl of the Strawberry flavour tonight with @ms_collyns. Bliss!
24@Faithillionaire (Instagram) : I woke up this morning to my hubby’s song and ransacking of my kitchen shelf *all I want for breakfast is Bubez pap, where’s that Bubez pap*. Cheers to a forever brand… @bubezpap is a homemaker.
25@Giggleify (Instagram) :: Your product is smoking hot…The pap is top notch quality and the packaging is of highest industry standard… When it comes to the taste, well the tongue has many good tasting comments to make…Delicious, yummy etc…I am very pleased and will tell all my friends about Bubez pap. I highly recommend
26@Iwonume (Instagram) :: Bought the last two strawberry flavour. Biko restock so others can enjoy the bae-est flavor of them all.
27@naturallyziny (Instagram): Do you know my son’s favourite is the guinea corn, millet and ginger one? He really loves it. Good one.
28lapeppofashion (Instagram): I and my friends have almost finished the one in CCD store, Ogba ... I sincerely love your pap ... I like the smoothness and it digest so fast ... God bless you
29@minniemarj (Instagram) : - With all my Shakara I'm still a Baby sometimes. Pap mouth my Mum calls me. I love Pap dieeeeee loool @bubezpap is the best!! Loads of vitamins and it digests very well. Digestion is usually my problem. My favourite is "Millet/Ginger". I add honey to sweeten it or Peak Sweet thick Condense milk. Yaaaaay and I'm a happy bunny. I don't need much ehn 🙂 xx
30@naturallyziny (Instagram) : - So far we have tried 6 different variants of @bubezpap the 'guinea corn, millet, and ginger' one is it.
31@hafcee12cee (Instagram): Finally I got a taste of it. The strawberry flavour got my son asking if we were making zobo drink. I love when brains get to work positively and from a female. That’s enough reason to patronise Bubezpap. Let's keep the spirit way up high.
32@mzpabz (Instagram) : Yayyyyyyy .... #Bubezpap in Port Harcourt. Just got the Groundnut and Strawberry flavour from @gbh_essentials delivered to my house. My baby loves it even more than his cereal. If u haven't tried Bubezpap, you are wrong.
33@ kabirahayinke (Instagram) : My mum took the strawberry flavour and fell in love. She doesn't like pap but this one is different. Thanks a lot and to @elewafoods for sending it
34@precychimbo (Instagram) : Who said Nigerians aren't industrious. I was just shouting Jesus when I was testing the akamu. See packaging!!! And me wey no dey like akamu gulped down a full bowl. The flavour is something else. @bubezpap kudos, @nwanyiakamu, it’s your kind I like associating with. This is creative. My hubby was amazed
35@chumsally (Instagram) : Bought two variants of your pap and it was awesome! I wanted to see what the hype was about and I wasn’t disappointed. My three years old cousin calls it ice cream pap. Loved loved the strawberry!
36@stuchbeddings (Instagram) : So I finally tasted @bubezpap strawberry flavour pap today and it's giving me life. The pap is so filling. Thank you @nwanyiakamu for remembering us in Akwa ibom, Uyo.
37@krystal_opene (Instagram): I bought your pap at NEXT. I just made some this morning. OMG! It was fresh, fresh, fresh. Ño odour. I'm so doing a review on candeedopinions.com
38@amakaogba (Instagram): My Little girl has taken 3 outta 4 (Signature variants) and loved it all.... We are just about to start strawberry variant....
39@meezoge (Instagram) : Bubez made it to Canada. My mom is the real MVP. She came with 4 of Bubez Pap. Had this yesterday with Akara and it’s the best. I drank half already
40@preychimbo (Instagram) : I just got the pap this noon. I got the two flavours. I just tasted the Vanilla now. I just love it.