“Entrepreneur is someone who has a vision for something and a want to create.”
– David Karp, Tumblr Founder & CEO”


Bubez foods story began with a discomfort, a quiet time, a dream and a ‘want to create’


Founder & CEO, Ijeoma Ndukwe-Egwuronu in her quiet time found the direction for Bubez Food by identifying a multigenerational household food product for most African homes, which had existing challenges. Having given her own kids pap as their staple meal until they were 2 years old, she understood the need for this traditional meal as well as the challenges getting it posed as a result of the time and energy it takes to process from scratch and the concern for hygiene that made it difficult to purchase in an open market.

To bridge this gap and sell CONVENIENCE & HYGIENE; she began selling, first from her home to family and friends, then, from the boot of her car.

Understanding that the traditional taste of pap does not appeal to everyone including herself, Ijeoma researched and experienced with different variants with the goal of providing a tastier option that was also healthy. This led to the birth of the Bubez Signature variants – Strawberry Flavoured Pap and Vanilla Flavoured pap. Other variants naturally followed to ensure that everyone, whatever their preferences, had something.

JUNE 2015

By June 2015, the first team of production staff were assembled at the factory.

MAY 2016

Bubez Foods moved from its temporary housing to its own property which houses both its factory and operational offices

JUNE 2016

Bubez Foods gets its first and second distributors and of course, celebrates its first anniversary.

JULY 2016

Bubez Foods signs up with major Supermarket chain, SPAR Nigeria


Bubez Foods records over 80 vendors across 7 State


Lagos Distribution Centre opened in Surulere.

MAY 2018

Port Harcourt Distribution opened.


Our first container landed in Houston and Bubez Pap began selling at stores across Texas.