What form is your product ? Is it in powder, wet paste or ready to eat form?

Bubez pap comes in raw fresh form i.e. wet paste. Presently, this is the only available form in the Nigeria market. However, we are presently working on introducing the powdered form into the Nigeria market as well.

Follow https://youtu.be/QmqHwmqVxEM to see the making of Bubez Pap and what product looks like.

Can a Four – Six month old baby take Bubez Pap ?

Yes. Some of our Bubez babies are as young as four months. However, we advise that pap should be made as light as possible to aid easy digestion.

Where can I get a list of Vendors ?

Please click where to find Bubez Pap to see the full list of our vendors.

Do you do home deliveries ?

Presently, we only do home deliveries in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja. Please click the link where to find bubez pap to find a vendor close to your location.

What is the shelf life of this product ?

Bubez pap ideally has a stipulated shelf-life of 8 months when frozen. However, the focus is on ensuring that the product is properly preserved to avoid fermentation.

What is the best form of preservation ?

Bubez pap is best preserved frozen. However, in the event of electricity challenges, products can be traditionally preserved by filling the top of the bowl with water.

Ensure water is changed daily to avoid further fermentation.

Is Bubez pap for only kids ?

No. Bubez pap is an ideal meal for the entire family, not just babies. The Guinea corn, Millet and Ginger is one of the fastest selling variant for adults

What variant is best for babies ?

Bubez pap has a number of options for babies. Our most preferred choices are the variants with either Soybeans or Groundnut which also comes with three cereals (Yellow corn, Guinea corn and Millet). The presence of Guinea corn (Sorghum) and Millet make them easily digestible. The extra protein also makes it super healthy for infants. However, we advise that you ensure that your baby has no allergies to either nuts or soy (Although, this is very rare).   The Mixed Grains Paste variant is also a good option if allergies exist.

My kids don’t like pap because I didn’t introduce them to it early, what do you advise ?

Our Strawberry flavoured pap and Vanilla flavoured pap which come with three cereals (White corn, Guinea corn and Millet) were created with the selective eaters in mind. Fondly called ice-cream pap by our young #teamubez, the flavours add an extra appealing taste and smell to these variants and have been known to turn many non-pap lovers (Children and adults alike) to Bubez pap lovers. Our flavours are organically sourced from a bio-certified company, thus making them healthy.

What are the variants you have ?

Bubez pap presently comes in 7 variants. Please click link FOOD COURT to see a list of Variants, their nutritional content and product information.

Do you sell Akara or Moi Moi as well ?

Not at the moment but we are working on something that will get that sorted.

Can one add milk or something else in the pap before giving it to a baby ?

Most definitely, YES.

What is the size of Bubez pap ?

Bubez pap comes in 600 grams tub which is an average of 5 servings.

Do you open on Saturday ?

Our offices and factory is closed during the weekends. However, our retail stores are open 7 days a week. Please see where to find Bubez pap to see list of vendors.

How often is your pap available ?

We are a food processing company and have a factory with a large production capacity

Which of your Pap variant is good for Weight Management, Diabetic and Hypertensive patients ?

Bubez Pap Mixed grains paste with Ginger variant contains the least calories and carbohydrate content of all our variants thus making it the most suitable for the above-mentioned cases. Click Food Court for detailed as well as the comparative nutritional content of Bubez pap variants.

What does it takes to be a Bubez Pap distributor ?

We are currently working on this.

What does it take to be a Bubez Pap Retailer?

You would need access to a stable source of electricity for the storage of the fresh product. Unlike the distributorship, you only have to purchase a minimum of 80 tubs at wholesale price to become a retailer. Please contact Bubez Foods office on 0700-000-0077 for more information.