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Diabetes is gradually becoming another silent world epidemic with the death toll from this disease gradually increasing over the years. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), in 2012, about 1.5 million deaths around the world was attributed to diabetes and by 2030, it is predicted to be the 7th leading cause of death. This staggering numbers make it an international health issue, hence the theme of 2016 World Health Day – ‘HALT THE RISE, BEAT DIABETES’.

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Some people approach carbohydrates, shortly referred to as carbs, like they are crab monsters with claws ready to sting at the slightest opportunity and even the meat from crabs have incredible health benefits.

The general myth says that the very existence of carbs poses serious problems to anyone trying to lose or keep their weight in check. Overtime, dietitians’ advice of ‘low-carbs’ have gradually been interchanged to mean no carbs, with more people going on the now famous ‘No-Carbs Diet’. The major problem with this is whether they may or may not succeed in their weight loss plan, they are in no way healthier by their choice of diet.

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