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– Jack Welch”

With our customer’s at the heart of Bubez Foods product & service, we are focussed on finding and providing the best. We are constantly researching and developing our technology, processes and product to ensure that our customer’s receive the best

Why Buy Bubez Pap?

There are many reasons why Bubez Pap is the ideal brand of Pap (Ogi/Akamu) for you and your family. However, we will just name a few.

Hygienic & Safe: Bubez Pap is produced and packaged WITHOUT the addition of chemicals i.e. preservatives and additives. All our raw materials are natural and our machineries and production staff maintain the utmost level of hygiene to ensure that our products stay clean and safe.

Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP): Our products are sealed using the modern, cutting-edge technology of MAP. This process helps retain the freshness of Bubez Pap by NATURALLY modifying the atmospheric conditions inside the bowl, hence guaranteeing an extended shelf life. The thickness of the seal is also carefully selected to avoid spillage, maintain quality, improve image and ensure the hygienic protection of the pap especially during transportation and storage.

Value: Bubez Pap is a value-focussed product. Each tub contains 600grams with an average of 5 servings. Most variants contain three cereals each and also contain extra nutritional ingredients such as Soybeans, Groundnut and Ginger etc.

Convenience: Making pap from scratch takes a lot of time and effort. Bubez Foods offers an ideal solution by providing a hygienically processed and packaged option that eliminates the processing time.

Packaging: Bubez Pap is not your regular Akamu. Our beautifully branded bowls have been carefully selected to ensure that Bubez brand can compete with any World-Class brand, thus, redefining the outlook of African traditional meals.

Quick Preparation time: Bubez Pap is a quick meal to prepare. Preparing a serving can be done in 5 mins by boiling 250ml of water (100 gm). So instead of skipping a meal, quickly grab a bowl of Bubez Pap.

New Product Development Capabilities: Bubez Foods is fully equipped with cutting-edge technology and machineries that gives us a leading ability to develop new products that are healthy, nutritious and traditional.