[vc_row fluid=”1″][vc_column][it_heading heading_style=”style2″ text=””]What TeamBubez Says[/it_heading][vc_testimonials block_style=”3″ testo_slides=”3″ testo_scroll=”3″ testo_arrows=”1″][it_testimonial slogan=”Instagram” image=”6616″ author=”@naijacheapskate”]You know I was just thinking to myself that my expenses on baby food will be way cheaper this time compared to my first baby where I was buying foreign cereals and co. This time I’ve got different variants of Bubez pap with nutrients my baby needs e.g. Gnut variant. Thank you Bubez for meeting a need. I will puree my fruits myself thanks to tips from @makyscorner @makybenson. Ain’t nobody got time to throw money away lol.[/it_testimonial][it_testimonial slogan=”Instagram” image=”6617″ author=”@Faithillionaire”]I woke up this morning to my hubby’s song and ransacking of my kitchen shelf *all I want for breakfast is Bubez pap, where’s that Bubez pap*. Cheers to a forever brand… @bubezpap is a homemaker.[/it_testimonial][it_testimonial slogan=”Instagram” image=”6617″ author=”@Giggleify”]Your product is smoking hot…The pap is top notch quality and the packaging is of highest industry standard… When it comes to the taste, well the tongue has many good tasting comments to make…Delicious, yummy etc…I am very pleased and will tell all my friends about Bubez pap. I highly recommend[/it_testimonial][it_testimonial slogan=”Instagram” image=”6614″ author=”Ada Opara”]My friend’s daughter who is picky eater sat through the Strawberry Bubez Pap. No fuss, and mark you it was her first time eating akamu[/it_testimonial][it_testimonial slogan=”Instagram” image=”6615″ author=”@namar06″]Got mine from Next yesterday. @bubezpap the packaging is excellent, that’s what attracted me first. Then it actually tastes as if I made it at home. I got the yellow corn which has gone almost extinct.[/it_testimonial][/vc_testimonials][/vc_column][/vc_row]