“Creative Preparation recreates Pap as a fresh and versatile meal that is now enjoyed in tastier ways”

Pap and MoiMoi or Akara or Beans is a common delicacy in many Nigerian homes. In fact, one can even go as far as saying this meal is to Saturday Morning, what Rice is to Sunday Afternoon.

Over the recent years, the pap culture gradually faded off the menu of several homes for a number of reasons, one of which, being that several people do not like the traditional taste of pap. Some may describe it as a pasty, maybe even a bland meal, that lacks taste and texture.

However, lately, an influx of creativity has transformed pap from being that bland meal that could only be enjoyed with plenty of milk and sugar. Creative preparation recreates Pap as a fresh and versatile meal that is now enjoyed in tastier ways, especially by those who do not like the traditional taste of pap.

Bubez Pap Variants

The introduction of Bubez Pap  variants with the addition of other natural ingredients and flavours (Soybeans, Groundnut, Ginger, Strawberry flavour and Vanilla flavour), provides tastier and more nutritional choices for different unique tastes and needs.

Toppings, Toppings, Toppings…

Why our folks didn’t think of this is beyond us. Creative preparations would have saved many kids from being force-fed or stuck at the table in deadlock with an uninteresting meal.

Adding a choice of toppings on pap can not only transform its taste, but its texture as well. With the range of pap presentations we have witnessed in recent times, it would be difficult for anyone to use the adjectives, boring and bland, in describing pap anymore. That would be like calling ice cream boring…

To do our due diligence and jolt the creative process for your pap meals, here are a couple of our favourite pap presentation samples thus far (you can even call them, pap transformations):

Creative Pap Preparations…


Bubezpap Mixed Grains Paste (Yellow Corn, Guinea corn & Millet) with Groundnut. Topped with Strawberries, Blueberries, and Banana and served with some palatable moi-moi.
Image: Elanfoods


Bubezpap Yellow corn paste topped with Pineapples and Mangoes, and served with some Meat for a balanced diet
Image: Menoword


Pap served with Broken Dates & Grapes; adding not only a fruity flavour and natural sweetness but also texture for a crunchy taste
Image: 1qfoodplatter


Pap topped with Raspberries, Blackberries and of course, some milk. Image: Phummyndeps


(For the Sweet Lovers)
Bubezpap Mixed Grains Paste (Yellow Corn, Guinea corn & Millet) Vanilla Flavour topped Home Made Chocolate syrup (Made from Bounty and Snicker Chocolates). The nuts also add crunchy texture to the meal.


Pap topped with Coconut and granola (also for a crunchy taste) and served with moi, watermelon, mangoes and some tea.


Frozen Ogi (Yes, you heard right) or FroGi as the legendary Chef Dudu calls it.
Frozen Ogi mixed with some Vanilla Soy, honey, Cinnamon and topped with Strawberry, Banana, Blueberry and Raspberries
Image: Chef Dudu


Pap topped with Milk and served with Akara for the Traditional Pap Lovers.
Image: Emem Asuquo


Plain Pap topped with Honey and served with Moi-Moi also for the Traditional Pap Lovers.
Image: Smallafricabusinessnetwork





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