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Bubez Premium Plan

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  • 5 Packs of Pap Monthly
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Bubez Strawberry Flavoured Pap

A healthy blend of Maize, Guinea Corn and Millet with a dash of bio-organic strawberry flavour.

Bubez Vanilla Flavoured Pap

A healthy blend of Maize, Guinea Corn and Millet with a dash of bio-organic vanilla flavour.

Here’s What Others Say

I am an addict of the strawberry flavour. It's so smooth and different ...Will try out the vanilla soon ...

Thelma Tony (FaceBook)

Bubez strawberry flavoured pap is pure heaven.

Asari Otu (FaceBook)

My kids love this. Got it from Sahad in Abuja. The strawberry flavour is nice. Wish u could work on more fruity flavours like banana or so

Hamra Malgwi

@bubezfoods my baby loves the strawberry flavoured one.

@taiyeo (Instagram)

My friend’s daughter who is picky eater sat through the Strawberry Bubez Pap. No fuss, and mark you it was her first time eating akamu

Ada Opara (Instagram)

It's always great seeing companies innovating across the country. One of such companies I came across recently is @bubezpap and they're doing great stuff. Heard about the product first on @nkataaonline. Both companies are inspiring. They're doing stuff others do, but a whole lot better, with attention to detail and quality. That's what it takes to build a great company.

@gbi247 (Instagram)

I bought your pap (strawberry flavour) few days ago and mehn! It was awesome… And this evening I prepared it for my folks, they all enjoyed it, especially my nephew…

@opratedesign (Instagram)

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I want my free packs only

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