“Allergic reactions can result in minor to severe symptoms.”

Allergies occur when our bodies have a negative response to certain substances such as food, medicines, animals, pollen or even skin care etc.

The body immune system is built to help counteract alien substances that are harmful to the body. However, allergies occur when the immune system mistakes a harmless product (allergens) as being harmful to the system, thus, producing antibodies to help protect the body which leads to allergic reactions. Reactions can range from minor to severe with symptoms such as Running nose, Sneezing, Coughing, Hives, Nausea, Indigestion, Headaches and in severe cases, Asthma and Anaphylaxis.


“Avoidance of allergens is the primary treatment for Allergies.”

Common food allergens include Nuts, Fish, Milk, Egg, Wheat, Sesame, Soy and Corn etc. Diagnosing food allergies may be a bit difficult as symptoms vary from person to person and an individual may experience different symptoms at different times. It is always advised not to self-diagnose but to see a food allergist for proper diagnosis. However, one of the primary treatment of allergies usually involves avoidance of allergens.


“Always watch out for Food Allergies when dealing with Children”

While there are no records to show the commonality of food allergies in Nigeria, they do, however, exist.

Bubez Pap Mixed Grain Paste with Soybeans or with Groundnut are two of our best variants for children. The presence of Soybeans and Groundnut offers extra protein required for Children’s growth. However, we always advise Team Bubez to watch out for allergies to nuts or soy, especially when dealing with children, and if allergies exist, to choose any of the other Bubez Pap variants to prevent allergic reaction.


“Sorghum is a Gluten-Free Product”

Bubez Pap Plain Mixed Grains Paste offers a healthy and nutritious food solution to allergies whether it be Soy, Nuts, or Corn.

The products in this variant include Millet and Sorghum (Guinea corn). The name, Guinea corn often gives the impression that this is corn, however, it isn’t. The accurate name for this product is Sorghum and it is one of the “top five cereals in the world”.

Among the many benefits of Sorghum is the fact that it is a Gluten-Free product, making it an excellent meal for those with Celiac diseases, Gluten Sensitivity as well as Children with Special Needs.

Sorghum is also easily digestible and its combination with Millet in the Bubez Mixed Grains Paste makes it an excellent option for weaning babies and managing allergies to either Maize, Soy or Nuts.

Conclusively, while food allergies may be a nuisance, it can be easily managed by replacing food allergens with options that are equally healthy and

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